Fourtrak advice needed long list of problems


I bought a 1991 lwb fourtrak a few weeks ago, as I'm a female with little knowledge of mechanics I took it along to my local garage for a check over, my gararge said get rid of it, lots of problems! Since then I've taken it to a 4x4 garage and they've given me the following list of problems;
rear diff seal leaking and very noisy, rear propfront UJ required, rear exhaust blowing, sump - trans box & gear box leaking, both front swivel hubs leaking, play in front prop, both front B-discs very thin, playin O/S/F w-brg, trans box noisy.
This could be another language for the sense I can make of it.
Can anyone tell me whether it's worth having this lot of work done on such an old vehicle. The body work is good but sounds like everthing else is just about to fall apart. HELP!!!!!!

Fourtrak advice needed long list of problems

If the problems are "real" then you are looking at a lot of money to repair them Sad I assume that you are not able to do the work yourself !

Depends on how much you bought the vehicle for I suppose. If you bought it cheaply then you could probably sell it on without losing too much....

Hope this helps

fourtrak long list of problems

Thanks for all the replies. I bought fourtrak with an MOT for £1100 in May 2006, it'll probably cost more than this to fix the faults. Not sure what to do next but as I need a reliable, safe vehicle to tow a horse trailer I'll have to consider selling it on for as much as possible and get something else.
Thanks everyone

Looks like you've been conned !

Further to what I wrote about your rear axle probs, it looks like you were sold a pile of sh*te.

Regarding what I said about cheap articles (never mind 'traks) on ebay, your comment about costing more to fix than it is worth says it all.

Yes, maybe that advice of your first mechanic was good, and I apologise (in his absence) for slagging him off. It looks like you may be better off getting rid while you have some MOT left and maybe taking a loss on the deal. After the MOT expires, it will be much more difficult to get rid of.

If you were sold the vehicle with 12 months MOT, funnily enough written out by the garage who were selling the vehicle, only a short while ago, and all these faults mysteriously appeared, you may have a case for legal action. Unscrupulous dealers seem to be pretty good at avoiding this, so I don't think you should expect much chance of getting your money back this way.

I think the best thing to do is to chalk it up to experience. I'm coming to the conclusion that the majority of people out there are con artists of some sort, especially considering that I walked away from 4 vehicles when I was looking for a 'trak, even when I was thinking of spending £5k



that is a fair bit of work for the old girl......where did you buy it from? did it have an MOT if so when was it must be a while ago because with the list of problems you stated she should not have passed.

I do not know what you paid, but if a garage was doing this work I bet you are looking at a lot of money.......

Where did you buy it from? Ebay? Garage? Private? I'm guessing you are using it for a horse trailer......


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Take it back to its previous owner

Greetings from Portugal.

I also have a Fourtrack for 3 years. It has a few problems, but with this problems i went to Morooco 2 times and made several rides, always with excellent performance and low costs (they are really good cars).

Some of your problems are easy to fix, but since you have few know-how of mechanic... But it is very expensive.

My advice, in all transactions there is a limit of warranty. Take it back to the owner and try to solve the pacific way. If not, there is always the law to apply in this cases.

In Portugal there is an arbitrary cort for these issues.
Next time take a friend that knows about 4x4 and demand the maintenance library of the car.

Best Regards