Painting My Fourtrak


I've had my 1987 fourtrak for about a year now and have been slowly restoring it.

One of the major problems has been how tatty the paint has got over time, and in order to get some sort of paintjob on quickly i'm brush painting the whole thing with black hammerite (Sounds crazy but so far it actually looks fairly good Biggrin !).

The only issue i'm having is that naturally since im brush painting the brush marks are always slightly visible. If however, after rubbing the paint down with very fine wet and dry after a coat (to prepare it for the next coat) i rub a tiny bit of water across it, i get what is a fairly nice smooth shiny black finish until the water evaporates.

This led me to wonder if there is some sort of generic lacquer coat (not dependant on the exact paint) which i could spray over after rubbing down the final coat to give me a reasonable finish!

All thoughts on this and anything else to do with painting it (painting the bull bars, wheels (very very rusty!), callipers and so-on)


Yup you can buy clear laquer

Yup you can buy clear laquer that will give you a nice final finish...any accessory place will have it including Halfords (sic)

For the calipers and bullbar I recommend POR 15 which can be obtained from Frost Auto Restoration...just do a google and you will find their website address...this is an anti-rust paint and can be then oversprayed with any auto paint.

Paint Dependant?

Great thanks! Do you know if clear laquer like this is in anyway paint type dependant?