Rocky diesel tank


Hi all! I've been trying to find a diesel tank for year 85 rocky, but it has been really really hard. I live in Finland, but I'm wondering is here anyone who would know where to get a new diesel tank or a used but still on good condition?

Thank you already.



Hi Jani New tanks are almo

Hi Jani

New tanks are almost impossible to obtain...perhaps a main dealer could obtain one but the cost will be very expensive...

What is the problem with your tank Unknw

Is it beyond repair Unknw

I managed to repair my very rusty tank...removed it and wire brushed all flaky rusty metal away...this caused many pinholes which I filled with 'quiksteel' a 2 part putty which is easy to work with and hardens very well to repair the holes...I allso used some fibre glass sheet to stregthen the tank....some companies will coat your old tank in plastic....or go here and read about this tank repair kit..