Daihatsu Hijet


Hi all, I used to own a 850cc G reg Daihatsu Hijet - petrol, it was a cheap, ecconomic, workhorse and dear companion until I had to scrap it due to loosing the battle with the dreaded rot.

I now have recently purchased a 1300cc, petrol, EFI Hijet van 2000 X reg - and am finding to my horror that there seems to be more than a few problems with this model, for example, obtaining spares, overheating, etc.

I have a chance to buy a 1998, 1200cc diesil version and am wondering if this would be a good move or not?

Please is there anyone around with knowledge of Hijets who could spare a moment to give me the benefit of their opinion on this matter?

Daihatsu Hijet 1200 Diesel

This variation was only produced for 2 years and was not a great success. If you need any work doing on the engine, which is produced by Lombardini, be prepared for comments such as not interested from those who are knowledegable to we're having problems setting the injector timing and lots of scratching of heads. The dealers don't have the specialist tools and there is no haynes workshop manual available. However I do have a Lombardini workshop manual and some insight, if anyone takes one of these puppies on.

Daihatsu Hijet 1200 Diesel

Many thanks for that bit of insight, it sounds like I could be getting myself into deeper water by getting one of these!

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