Front Bullbars!!!


I am really struggling to find original bullbars for my 1996 Fourtrak. I know that Daihatsu stopped making them in 2001 but I expected some might be laying around in someone's garage or at breakers yard somewhere in the UK!

I can buy new ones but I don't like the way they clamp to the bumper!

Is there anyone out there that knows of someone somewhere who would be willing to sell their bullbars to fit the above model?

I would also like to find out how the original bars were fitted (I know how they fit to the pre-independent models) or whether other bars might fit to the fourtrak i.e. the older land rover discovery?

Any guidance/assistance would be much appreciated!

Bull bars in Garage!

I bought a 96 Fourtrak earlier this year and it came with a few bits that were a bit too bling for my liking. I have taken off original Daihatsu bars (with 4 built in fog lamps). Bonnet stone protector and rear spoiler in 'riviera' green. All available for sale if interested. Northumberland based and pics if required, all in good condition.

not easy

mate i am having exactly the same problem there impossible to find, there was a guy on here who makes bull bars thats what i plan to do! hopefully he'll spot this, i did find one on the e bay but had sold in minutes!
good luck

everything i touch turns to sh...t

everything i touch turns to sh...t

bull bars


Mine, DIRECT LINE qoted me £60 10 years ago for adding bullbars, pedestrian safety. They remarked that unless I could prove they were fitted during manufacture and not as an extra the additional premium would have to be paid or they may not payout in the event of an accident. I don't expect the "Nanny" culture to have changed on that one so take care.

Originals do turn up on ebay where a good number of Sportraks are being broken so it's worth watching there.