Sporty wont turn right!


My poor 1997 sporty has just developed a problem :cry: When warmed up the steering is really stiff when turning to the right but its perfect when cold. Turning left is easy you can turn with one finger but turning right is some times a real struggle with both hands. I know quite a bit about cars as I work at an independant ford garage. The mechanics at work have checked, disconnected, and greased all ball joints and replaced one that had some play, but still havent found the cause. Sorry forgot to say it only happens when the wheels are on the ground. There have been similar posts with this problem but no-one has come back to say what they replaced to fix it. The guys at work said that its got to be either the power steering pump or a valve or even the steering box but its a bit expensive to just start changing things without knowing that thats the problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Help

Sporties are power steering.

Sporties are power steering. They dont have steering racks, they use hydraulic pressure. Sounds like you have an air lock. When the engine is cold the hydraulic fluid hasnt spread under pressure from the pump. Take the power steering fluid cap off then sart it up, then turn the steering from one lock to the other. Keep doing this till it starts to get hard, check the fluid level. If its gone down then fill it up.
Thats what id say it is, when its cold gravity will have moved the fluid down to the pump. Then when its running the air will be forced around to the steering box, so making it not want to turn in a given direction.

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sporty steering

I wish it was as simple as an air lock but its not. Its really got us beat. I know from looking through the forums that other people have had the same problem on sportraks as well as fourtraks, where have they all gone? Somone must have fixed their problem