Back differential oil leak


I have a Fourtrack Ind 2.8d 1998, there is a small amount of oil leaking from the back differential ( towards the front end of the car where the propshaft connects ), Is this likely to be an oil seal and if so how difficult is it to replace Unknw

thanks in advance


very easy to replace this sea

very easy to replace this you have a takes you through step by step...easy job..go for it


Hi did u get a manual 4 your 4track if so were did u get it from did you sort out oil leak

M Billingham


hi sory to bother u again were did u say u got 4trak manual from again

M Billingham

you can buy one off ebay or s

you can buy one off ebay or simply click 'service manuals'at the top of this page and buy one from this site