Coure Reg - R 1997 - Tyre Pressure


Hi, Just to let ya'll Know i'm new, how are you all.

This is my problem,

- I Bought my second hand cuore from Simpson Salvage, york (uk) but with me buying it from there i did not get a user manual or anything with it, What i need to know, if anyone can help me, is, i'm not sure if what size tyres/wheels are i think there the stardard size which you get fitted 12"/13" their tiny and thin, just i was wondering if i can fit a bigger size on and which size they can fit i'm after a wider/bigger set. also do you know what my tyre pressure is for the orignal tyres? thank you for your help x Scratch one-s head

1997 Cuore Tyre pressure

Hi, I got the same model Cuore as u. Both the front and rear tyres have 26 PSI, the spare tyre is 60 PSI
If you open the driver side door there is a sticker where the door closes on the rest of the car which should tell u the tyre pressure.
Hope this helps Smile