Sportrak wheel spacers


Ive just managed to fit a set of 32"x11.5" tyres and wheels to a 1991 sportrak had to do a 2" suspension lift,remove the mudflaps and modify the plastic arch liner and front bumpers. There's still not a lot of clearance and the wheels stick out a fair way . Can anyone tell me if it would be worth while fitting wheel spacers , I know they are supposed to give more stability but as the wheels are already much wider is it necessary or are there other advantages

wheel spacers

Hi there is mixed feelings about wheel spacers where some people say yes they help you with the stable but on the other hand what you need to think is that it puts more pressure onto ur hubs and bearings so personally i wouldnt bother i have just recently put 13x10 onto mine and i find its fine apart from cutting courners off the bumpers lol