induction kits for 97 charade gti's!???


hey to everyone out there!! just signed up 2day hope to get alot of help from my fellow daihatsu drivers!

i've got a g200 97 1.3 charade gti and i'm looking to put an induction kit on it.

i've bought mushroom performance filter and it fits very well, problem being that the original air box has 2 vacuum hoses and an air temp sensor going into it! the kit that i have does not have arm arch shaped metal tube like some kits and so there is nowhere to attach the hoses and sensor.

I tried it down the road and i feel the performance suffered because of the hoses and sensor being disconnected,are there any kits out there for a charade or shall i have a chrome tube made up for it??
many,many thanx and i'll hope to speak to you all soon!!!

Charade Gti induction kit fitting.

I fitted induction kit to mine, i left the box in without the pannel filter and then the new air filter on new pipe i fitted to the box. works well and give some raw- depending on kit tho i guess. mine was off a honda v8 engine thing. I have put on piggy back chip on to which am not sure if it makes the thing faster but hey. If u want more info will send pics.

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David T

Car: Charade GTi 1.3 16v

Car: Charade GTi 1.3 16v