drivers electric window has stopped working, whats best ?.


Hiya, we have an H reg Rocky, the Drivers door electric window has stopped working, flick the switch and it does nothing, no noise or anything, i took off the door pad (well it didnt need much taking off !) and couldnt find any wire plugs coming apart, nothing obvious anyway, i unplugged the plug which goes to the three switches on the door pad, thinking if i substituted the passenger door switch for the drivers door switch i could eliminate the switch as the problem!.

But of course i need to know which wires do which before i can do this, does anyone know please, there are only six wires LOL. i should posibly be able to bypass the switch (which maybe faulty) by touching the two correct wires together, i assume that this is all the switch would do anyway !!!.

BTW, and i dont think this is in anyway related, but about 4 weeks ago it had a new window fitted in the drivers door, c/o Autoglass, it had been working perfectly since then ....


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Having the same problem passenger side window not working drivers side works at first until switch is released.It will not work again until ignition is switched off and on and so repeats itself.No loose cables.Could it be a relay fault?

happily it has now started wo

happily it has now started working again better than ever, i do have a photo copy (.jpg file) of the wiring diagram, which is as clear as mud, if you are intersted ?.


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My passenger window stopped working and I too couldn't understand the wiring diagram. Looking through the problems featured on this site I found a tip from someone saying to thump the door panel to release a sticking motor. I did this and immediately the window went down and stuck there. I did this on a day when rain was imminent and yes the heavens opened and soaked everything. Anyway I decided to strip down the window switch and cleaned the contacts with plenty of WD40 and all works well now. I did the same on the drivers side and both work well.

Hiya "paulmold" well our win

Hiya "paulmold" well our window has stopped working again, looks like for good this time, havent tried thumping it yet though, LOL, i bet that was awfull getting the rain to come in when your window wouldnt shut.

Is it easy to get the switches out of the door pad ?,


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Yes just remove the door card, then unscrew the arm rest and you will find the switch panel is screwed in place to the arm rest. The switch itself has to be gently opened with thin bladed screwdriver. The contacts are loose inside so hold the switch upright as you remove the rocker so you can see how they are located for re-assembly. They are a devil to locate back after cleaning but be patient, they will drop in place eventually. Hope it works for you.

for paulmold

cheers mate, the dammed thing has started working again today, so the dirty deed has been put off for a short time, LOL.