Horn problem?


Hi I have a 1991 fourtrak. The problem I am having is the horn keeps sounding every time I go over a little bump but it isnt as loud as should be even if I push it! I have got the fuse pulled out at mo.Im thinking ive got a problem with the relay. If any one has had same problem or has any ideas please let me know. Cheers Kev

Horn Problem......

Sounds to me like there is a short to earth in the wiring, check insulation isnt worn thro anywhere, then throw away the standard 2 horns and replace witha single air horn from halfords, much better!
good luck


prise off middle of steering wheel removing two wires noting order unscrew four screws one at each corner of horn switch under this you will find two screws used to locate the underside of the steering wheel one or both of these will be loose i had this evertime i turned the wheel or went over a lump (metal screws used to locate plastic cover through metal middle of wheel touching metal contacts of horn system ) bright !h!