Bleeding Brakes


I have replaced the caliper seals on my Rocky and im having problems with bleeding the brakes. I know your supposed to start with the brake furthest from the master cylinder but i got nothing from the rear. I eventually managed to get fluid from the front left and then front right but still cannot get anything from the rear. I have only found one bleed screw on the rear and this is on the near side. Am i missing something? It's been bugging me for a while now. Thanks


On some older systems the fluid pipe goes from the rear across the axle to the other rear wheel cylinder - the one nipple bleeds both rear wheels. Duel system = front brakes and rear brakes. Modern cars tend to be duel system on diagonal wheels.
I assume you have pumped the fluid for some time, it can take quite a long time to get the fluid through.
With duel system the reservoir is divided into two split sections. Take a look into the reservoir. From the outside it might appear full because your sighting the full 'half-side' and the other 'half side' has drained empty.
Have you removed the bleed nipple and pumped the fluid? Chance that the nipple is blocked. Nipples are standard size and buy from any diy/Halfords.