Fourtrak door hinges


Anyone ever bought new front door hinges for their Fourtrak and want to admit how much they cost Unknw
Both drivers and passengers are well knackered on my car and obviously, seeing doors are difficult to close, that is going to be a MOT failure.

Paul Humphries

Door Hinges

Will be fitting a pair to the drivers door in a couple of days time. They cost, about £55 a pair, from Milners,and you will have to spray them up. (91 TDX)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Rang main agent today. All f

Rang main agent today.
All four front hinges are different (so no swopping for less worn passengers items from scrapyard).
Cost £26.99 + vat each.
That makes £126.85 for a full set Sad

Paul Humphries.

Still got the CJ-5. It's sit

Still got the CJ-5.
It's sitting awaiting photo's to be taken and then will be going on eBay soon.

Paul Humphries.