Sportrak ELXi - Maximum Wheel/Tyre Size


I have a 1992 Sportrak ELXi, currently sitting on 225/70 R15s. What is the largest tyre size i can fit to it without modification. Naturally I would like these to be MTs.


Well i was running 235/75/r15

Well i was running 235/75/r15 with no probs. Dunno what size the alloys were.

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Thanks for the reply, I have some nice alloys on it now with some nearly new road tyres, I am going to get rid of them and trade in for some MTs with steel rims.

I was hoping to go to 235/75s

You will have to adjust your

You will have to adjust your speedo tho. As the rolling circumference is different. Easily done tho as the sporties clock has an adjuster on the back, (similar to a wind up clocks, speed adapter) One way for faster, one way for slower. Did mine after i had a ticket (which they never sent me the photo for!!lol), and with some help from my mates car i found the correct speed.
Let me know what steelies you get, as i stupidly sold my alloys as i needed cash for my car, and my rebuild was way off (99% done now tho).

Mud makes excellent Toothpaste.