Mira Classic Turbo Info Needed


Hi, I'm new this forum and I am really interested in a Mira Classic Turbo and was wonderin if any of the owners could give me the vital statistic I was after.

Top Speed?
Good handler?

I saw this car just the other week and thought it looked really retro, like a reliable old mini with a bit of a kick.


Well then! 0-60 around 8 secs

Well then! 0-60 around 8 secs, but the 0-20 and 0-40 are insane! Really short gearing and due to the size it feels a lot faster than it is too. Top speed probably around 100-110.

Handling is a bit poor in stock specification, it sits way too high and has lots of body roll, it is the weak point in a car that has truly superb performance. But there's suspension stuff in Japan for the 4WD Mira so it isn't impossible to correct it, it's a super lightweight car with a powerful engine and 4WD so if the suspension is corrected it can really go! The engine actually reponds really well to power ups too.

As well, they're also pretty well-equipped! You get plush leather seats, aircon and electric windows front and back.

I think they're excellent, the only negative I can think of is because of the short gearing they run at high revs on motorway. Copes no problem but fuel economy not excellent there, unless you sit at 55 in which case you can just about get 60mpg.

Let me know if you want more info, have a page about them here: http://members.aol.com/shutokousilvia/miraclassic/

Also my mate's SUPERB Mira Classic site, check it out!: http://www.zen70509.zen.co.uk/miraclassic/pages/


Thanks for the info, I will certainly consider buying one just the difficulty of finding one for sale now.


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Silver Mira Classic Turbo 4WD

This garage currently has a V reg 1999 (32k miles) for sale.
Bullfold Garage, Brighouse 01484 710616

There was one on ebay a while

There was one on ebay a while back.

That site that 'had' one for sale, only has 4 cars, and none are Daihatsu?