help with hijet>???????


hi everyone, has anybody got or had the same problem as i have?I own a 998 cc hijet, whilst driving the thing starts to stutter (like running out of petrol) put the thing out of gear and cruise abit then jump it back to life, goes for a while then the same problem, have changed the fuel fillter, and just to be on the safe size placed another (plastic type) up by the carb, none of which seem to be full of sh*t after a run, is there a fillter in the tank of so sort that could be getting blocked?, or could it be something else? that I,ve over looked ,the van drives like a dream sometimes, this tends to happen on motorways at around 60mph or more, any sugestions?

had that too

i had that stuttering to.
however if you fill her to the top with petrol
it only seems to happen when the tank is under half full
all my mechanics got beat on it
must be why i bought it so cheap
i would love to know how to fix this to
i washed the tank changed all filters no avail

Stuttering running

I have had similar problems with other cars which turned out to be fuel pumps going. They run alright at low RPM but begin stuttering at anthing around or above 50 MPH.
Hope it helps.

J. Malley

J. Malley

Hijet stutter

Yesit could be fuel but also check the ignition system. Coils can be fine but once warm can fail intermitantltas do plugs andleads. Ifit is difficult to start o a damp morning check the leads. It is not always a fuel problem although that is often seen as obvious.