Low Box question


Hi I've got a 97 Fourtrak and i was just enquiring about the use of the low box. Is it perfectly fine to use it when my hubs are disengaged without any adverse affects?. Also will this use notably much more diesel?.

Thanks Davey4track

Dont use 4WD on tarmac or you

Dont use 4WD on tarmac or you run risk of transmission wind-up

Why would you want to use low ratio when not in 4WD Unknw

To have all four wheels driven in 4WD you would have to have the hubs engaged, otherwise you would not driving all four wheels.

Manufacturers of freewheeling hubs claim that they save on fuel and wear and tear since the front wheels are simply freewheeling and are in effect disconnected from the drive train.

I reckon the savings in fuel will be negligable.



If your hubs are disengaged then using low is fine. It is best to run your motor with the hibs disengaged, it will save you a bit on fuel...

Mike - I oftern use my 4x4's in low box when I reversing trailers into tight spaces......it stops the nasty habit of riding the clutch...