Smoke on start up


I have recently bought a Daihatsu fourtrak (type F75RV-MBT), but have not had the opportunity to drive it for a while. This morning I had to move the beast, as it was blocking access in the garage. The engine started up quite ncely, but when I looked in the mirror to reverse out of the garage, my wife had disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The engine then ran very lumpily and deposited a small mound of soot on the floor. The smoke smelled very heavily of unburnt diesel. Is this sort of behaviour to be expected? Or, is it a symptom of dirty injectors, fuel filter, or, horror of horrors, something much worse?

Being an environmentally sensitive sort of chap, I would like to reduce emissions to the absolute minimum.

All diesel engines will produ

All diesel engines will produce smoke at start up but it should normally clear fairly quickly.
What colour was the smoke Unknw
If I were you I would take the vehicle for a good run and perhaps bung in some fuel system / injector cleaner (can be bought from any car accessory shop). See how things are after that.

Just to add some comment..

Before you do something with the injector, maybe you should see the diaphragm inside the injector. If the diaphragm have a little leak even as bigger as needle do, you should change it with a new one.


Add a bottle of diesel-engine conditioner. Its NOT the additive that protects the pump/injectors. Go it from Halfords or local motor shop .... about £7. Add to 50L fuel.