sporty lift


Gaday, i have a sportrack 92 with bigger wheels than standard with 3"spacer's and every time i hit a bump or corner to fast!! they hit the wheelarch's!!! how can i give her a lift to stop this?? and how much wil it cost me?? cheers guys

Sportrak lift

There are 2 main ways to lift the Sportrak,
a body lift, or a suspension lift.

Body lift - Unbolt body from chassis and replace original spacers between body and chassis with longer spacers, ie. tube, and longer bolts. The rad, fuel filter, coil will have to be moved down, and the fuel pipe, and electrics to rear shocks would have to be extended. I would recommend 2 inch lift, although some have lifted by 4 inches plus.

Chassis lift - Wind up front torsion bars, and fit new shackles at the rear. The most you want to go is 2 inches, otherwise you would be putting a lot of strain on the drive shafts, steering etc. For a 2 inch lift, the shackles would need to be 4 inches long.

Also with a suspension lift, it limits the amount of down travel of the shocks. Also, a suspension lift is less stable than a body lift, as the engine, gearbox etc is being lifted higher, whereas a body lift only lifts the body.