perfomance and adjustment on sportrak


how much power and performance should a sportrak have

im seems a bit slow on the motorway, its does not seem to have much pull to get it up to speed but it will cruise at 70mph when it gets there i dont like to really rev it up because of its age so i only take it to about 4 1/2 5 rpm i towed a trailer the other day with a motorbike on it and it was even worse dont think it would have got to 70mph so i stuck to 60mph

whats everyone elses like. how can i make mine better i have already fitted a performace filter is there any adjustments i can make to anything.

Well although the diff at the

Well although the diff at the back has a rated 94mph top speed, i have got 120mph out of mine. Admitedly it was a little down hill, quickest consistently on the flat was 105-110mph.
But i have no cat and a "Longlife" 3 inch stainless steel exhaust, from the manifold back. If i were you id get a carb downpipe, and that fits exactly from the manifold to the rear exhaust section, and de-cats your sporty if it has a cat. That frees up exhaust flow, and will help it run better.
Also keep the air filter tubing except the first bit, that is narrower on the open end and fits onto the air box. Find some ducting and make a cold air feed, from behind the grille. Keeps the nasty hot engine bay fumes out.

But to be honest its a 4x4 and performance is gonna be slow (compared to some cars), and i did the work on mine to increase torque, and engine response. Does suprise the hell outa most cars tho, as lower ratio in 1st and 2nd gears, so flies off from a standing start.

Anyway Sounds to me like your exhaust may have packed in, may have a duff cat. Or the exhaust silencer, or tubing. One design flaw on daihatsu exhausts, is that the rear pipe goes in between the leaf spring and chassis. So if you articulate the axle enough, the pipe will squeeze flat. Happened to mine, so i have mine following the inside edge of the chassis rail.

As for towing i towed a 8x4ft trailer full of stuff to Glasgow at 60-80mph, and that was with a headgasket blowing!!! Have also towed my other sporty on a dolly at 60-65 with no problems from Southampton to Swansea (home). Was funny seeing a sporty being towed on a dolly by another sporty!!!

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thanks for the advice sound l

thanks for the advice sound like mine is underpowered where is the best place to get a exhaust from what sort of price should i be paying for one.


I bought my non-cat downpipe from a local auto factors. They had to order it from Bosal, but it came the following day. Cost me around £30 + VAT.

I also chopped out my silencer and have fitted a Jetex silencer box.

The exhaust is now louder, but it has a lot more torque.

Some hills I had to change down to 3rd, now I can stay in 5th and still accelerate up them.

Some damn good tips here - we

Some damn good tips here - well done all!

If I decide to do some of the stuff here (I've been thinking of de-catting for a while) how will I get on come MOT time?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


All I have to do when it comes to the MOT is put the old down pipe and cat back on for the test.

Just keep the pipe and cat somewhere, and when fitting the new pipe, replace the nuts and bolts and put copper-slip or something like it on them, as it will make it far easier to remove.

It took me 10 mins to fit my new pipe, so I'll put the old one back on the day before the MOT.

Bought my downpipe for £30 f

Bought my downpipe for £30 from a motor factors. When phoning around make sure you say its for a PRE 1991 CARB, that your looking for.
Then that`ll fit from the manifold to the rear silencer, and de cats it!! You`ll be suprised what difference that alone will make!!

Just be prepared to have to drill out the manifold attatchment bolts, and fit different nut and bolts. As i had to, damn things rust like mad after they have been heated up!! Used Hammerite BBQ paint to do the manifold and down pipe, stands up to 300 degrees. Will smoke for a bit then settle down, and looks better than rust.

A quick laugh is to remove the cover on the air filter, and drive around. Much louder than a k&n, and its free, plus it has a heat sheild and cold air feed!!!!!
I paid £300 for my longlife exhaust, lifetime warranty. Gonna get the manifold changed to an extractor set up if i can find a supplier, otherwise it`ll be a custom made jobbie!!

Mud makes excellent Toothpaste.

I noticed mine was rather pep

I noticed mine was rather peppy in the lower gears but sluggish in the upper gears, had to floor it to get it above 60 on the motorway (and considering mines oddly configured so that most of the "thrust" is configured within the first 2 inches of depression of the accelerator pedal, that's saying a lot hehe).

By replacing the exhaust system to allow better throughput do we have to declare to the insurance company that the vehicle is modified?

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt


Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt