how can i de-cat my 95 m reg sporty, because i heard it messes how your engine runs through this landough senser?


I have de-catted my 91 sporty, which is the same fuel injected engine as yours.

I bought a exhaust down pipe for an earlier carb engine, just swap it with your original down pipe and cat. Took about 10 mins to fit.

The lamda sensor is in the manifold, and you don't have to touch it. Removing the cat won't make any difference.

My old car had the sensor actually in the cat, so when I fitted a piece of tube in place, I had to drill a hole and fit the sensor in the tube.

Fortunatley, the sensor in the sporty is before the cat.

I found I had a lot more torque than before.

The pipe cost around £30 from a local auto factors.

Just remember to keep your original down pipe and cat somewhere, as you will need it for the MOT.


well i am very glad that it will work out quite simple, so it wont throw up any lights up on the dash or anything?

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No nothing like that.

The ECU has nothing to do with the rest of the exhaust system after the manifold.

When ordering the exhaust, it is a good idea to get the gaskets as well, as mine disintergrated when I took the old pipe off.


been to a local exhaust place today and asked for the price for a downpipe for the earlier carb model as you say, and they quoted me 78 f'in quid and then they sed it wont fit to the back box pipe as it is a different fitting so id need a decat pipe aswell and thats was 60 quid. what the hells that all about. they told me this without even looking at my sporty as i went in the van from work. help lol, if it will fit ill just buy one, but not from there lol, are you 100% sure lol,if it costs 30 quid ill just buy one but are you sure, sorry to question you cheers

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Sportrak Exhaust

It is just one pipe. Instead of the cat, the tube is just longer to fill the space. It fitted first time with no problems.

It sounds like the garage was trying to rip you off.

I ordered mine from a local auto factors.

It is made by Bosal.

In their catalouge the part number is - DU53K, with another number underneath it - 1740187632.

If you have trouble getting one, try

They sell one for £28 + VAT.

Go to their exhaust systems section, NOT the front pipe section. The Bosal pipes are much cheaper.

Hope this helps.


just been on the internet this morning on that link you sent and your right, i was expecting it to just be a longer downpipe to compensate for there not being a cat and you was right. cant beleive they tried to rip me off sayin i would need a decat pipe aswell. and i told them i wanted a downpipe for the earlier carb model and they still tried it on, o well atleast i didnt get ripped of Smile

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