Sportraks and Water


I have a 1992 ELXi which I have purchased to offroad. The engine is sound and I plan to fit a K&N for that little extra on the tough slopes. However I wanged it though a river crossing the other day, not too deep, more like a large puddle and got an undesired effect.

The engine lost a little power and seemed to blow a little (new exhaust so not that), after 5 mins problem stopped and all was well. I conclude that water has gotten to somewhere, I wonder if anyone may have an idea as to what might be happening, I plan on doing a little wading.

Sportys and water

The three main areas you have to be carefull of when going through water are;

Electrics, air intake and exhaust.

The distributor and plugs are fairly high up, but water can get to them and cause the engine to misfire and other problems. I have sealed mine with sillicone and a waterproofing spray.

If you get water in the air intake, it can get into the engine, and that really won't do it any good.

Also, you have to be careful that no water goes up the exhaust, as I saw a car once go through a small flood, didn't keep the revs high enough, and the water went up the exhaust into the engine and killed it.

Basically, if you're going to go through water, put it in a low gear, and take it slowly. Going fast through water causes it to go up into places you don't want it to.

My very limited experienced o

My very limited experienced of Daihatsu's is you should always avoid ANY water - including rain.
They are made out of a very special steel that instantley turns to rust as soon as the air is even damp so immersing in water means the resultant rot produced weights so much the engine will struggle to haul the vehicle around and thus stops Smile

On a serious note what has probably happened is the cooling fan has picked up water and sprayed it over the distributor - even though it high mounted.
Either remove the fan when contemplating going though water or easier fit an electric unit so it can simply be switched off.

Paul Humphries.

Sounds to me that you have go

Sounds to me that you have got your electrics wet and in particular your HT leads and distributor.

Spray the whole lot with a good dose of WD 40, you will not do any harm to anything if it is not that.

Good luck

A dirty mind is a joy forever

A dirty mind is a joy forever