Fourtrack 4wd problems on front autolock hubs


Hi all,

I have an "M" reg Foutrack that doesn't want to engage into 4WD on the front hubs. I have taken them both off of the vehicle and stripped them down as far as I can. There is no obvious damage and are not siezed. Does anyone know what actually goes wrong with these units?
Daihatsu want about £200.00 per unit. Is there a cheaper source anywhere or can they be repaired? I have checked that the front drive shafts are turning when the front wheels are engaged.

Is there a workshop manual for this vehicle as Mr.Haynes hasn't got round to publishing one yet.

Lots of questions I know but hopefully someone can help.

Many thanks


Manuel's :)

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Have a look on the Worldwide Association of Rocky Feroza and Sportrack website (WARFS ), they have got some great downloadable manuals and heaps of tech stuff as well.

Cheers Paul aka RockyDownunder Melbourne Aus.

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i had a problem with my auto

i had a problem with my auto FWH's...i changed them for manual ones from

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