Rattley till warm


Hi First of all thx for the response to my last post.Well done an oil and filter change but not helped that much still ratley till it warms up any suggestions welcome thx


Never to old to play in the mud Smile

hate to b the bearer of bad news but could b cracked piston skirt depending on k's covered. Which s only confirmed with engine pull down ( take out and dismantle engine)

Never to old to play in the mud :-)

thats not good

Well if it is a cracked piston skirt will have to strip and repair but my sporty only done 43000 miles.Also its only noticable when you accelerate when cold.If you give it 5 mins sat warming before to set of there is no rattle.Will have to take it some were to have it looked at anyone recommend anywhere in notts area.


Perhaps Milners based in Matlock (not too far from Nottingham) can recommend a reliable garage. Call 01629 734411..they are always very helpful.


My Sportrak does the same and has done for the last 3 years without getting any worse, I think it could be a slightly worn little end bearing.
You could either spend a lot of money stripping the engine down of just change the oil and filter about every two thousand miles like me, it depends on how much the Sporty is worth and what you use it for.
My H reg Sporty has just passed it's third MOT with me and it's only cost me £90 apart from the cost of the test.

Long live cheap motoring SmileSmileSmileSmile