Fitting a front ball-hitch / tow-bar Sportrak


Can anyone advise me on fitting a front ball-hitch to my Sportrak as I feel one might be handy for launching my boat. Has anyone done this before? thanks Masha, Canterbury, Kent

Haven't done it to a Sporti,

Haven't done it to a Sporti, but have to several other 4x4's. I'm only in Dover if you want me to look and give you some sugestions?
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There is one up here in Stoke

There is one up here in Stoke with a front towball fitted - by utter chance it turned up in the supermarket car park about 18 months ago while I was there as well, and I managed to have a look to see how he did it.

I cant remember that much, but he had appeared to use the front mounting holes for the bullbar, to which was attached a fabricated version of the standard towbar angle iron. The towball bracket itself was offset to the left, because also attached was another plate which I presume was for a winch.

It's still about, If I see it again i'll get a grainy camera phone pic for the gallery.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty