tyre pressures


hi i'm a newbie so please be kind, can anyone tell me what the trye pressures are for enduro a/t runway 31x10.50 r15 which are on my fourtrak(on and off road) many thanks

tyre pressure

Hi. I run the same size/brand tyre on a '91 tdx'. I use a pressure of 26psi,for on and ocasional of road use, have used same set for 4 years and they look like they have many more miles to go,so far have done 40 thou miles. Well pleased with them. On fitting, the mud flaps required a bit of adjustment,to prevent rubbing on full lock and there is the possibility that they will rub on the chassis on full lock,when you get a lot of axle movement, ie offroad. Have had no problems with MOT's. But if you have lost your bump stops for the front axle they will hit the top of the wheel arch/ plastic wheel arch exstensions.

'May your diffs sing sweetly'.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX