tilting fourtrak


i have recently purchased a 94 fourtrak and the person i bought it off had fitted after market shocks and the springs had all been retempered. the problem is that it leans to one side. can anyone tell me if this is a common fault or is something drastically wrong. it drives fine but it is annoying and i would like to rectify it.


If your Fourtrak is a 1994 it should be an Independent & therefore have "coil suspension" ie (SPRINGS) not (leaf springs)If this is the case you have a broken coil spring hence the lean Carefully jack up the relevant side & let the bottom trailing arm drop you can then have a really good look at the relevant coil you should be able to see if its broken usually they break about 3in up cheers Stan

thanks for answering sorry i

thanks for answering sorry i am new on hear its definately got leaf springs and shocks it is l reg it must be 92 or 3.its quite high as well must be lifted


It must be one of the last Leaf Sprung Fourtraks Sounds like you have a weak spring but check the spring hangers "what the spring holds onto the body for wear & that the length is the same all round if someone has lifted it up" (but its doubtful that's the problem.) Re tempering leaf springs is false economy check to see if you have the same number of leafs in the spring & if any are broken Best bet is swap the leafs for brand new ones Shockers make no difference to ride height cheers Stan

thanks very much for the advi

thanks very much for the advise. sorry to sound thick but im not a mechanic. as it has been lifted does that affect what new leaf springs i buy or can i just buy new leaf springs and get them fitted and it will sit at the same height as it is now or is it to do with the shocks as well. one last question what is the best place to get them from many thanks


No just buy new leaf springs shocks are ok unless they are totally trick with spring assisters which I doubt. Milners 4x4 have leafs in stock look for their address at the top of the site "Parts Dealers" always change leafs as a pair otherwise you get your problem truck lobsided regards Stan

Nope, new springs are not goi

Nope, new springs are not going to fix the problem.

The problem arises from a couple of things.

First, with the suspension lift, and the standard front panhard rod, the problem is exacerbated. The only remedy is total removal of the panhard rod, which is perfectly safe to do on an all leaf sprung vehicle (Just dont know about the legality of it in the UK) or fabrication/adaption of an adjustable panhard rod.

Second, Rockys (Fourtraks) have added weight on the right hand side, Battery, transfer case offset, fuel tank offset, and usually one big backsided driver. All this weight offset to the right contributes to the sagging.

This all adds up to the right hand springs, particularly the right rear, losing its temper, adding to the problem.

I have run mine with no panhard or anti sway bar for at least the last 6 years, with no significant detriment to on road handiling. It is a 4wd after all. Mine still leans a little, you get used to it. I have replaced springs, shocks, even had springs reset with more lift on RHS to compensate.


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On no account remove the panard rod Not only will your vehicle fail its English MOT test but you will also be breaking The UK Vehicle Laws "even more so if you are involved in a fatal road crash" which results in someone being killed (Your vehicle will then be inspected by The Ministry Of Transport Engineers/& Police Engineers with a fine toothcomb & you will find your vehicle is none UK Compliant & you will not be insured) growing old is compulsory (so is using your head!) "DON,T DO IT" OK in Aus & the Outback but not over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Junk the ride hight mods & go back to standard settings & your troubles will be over regards Stan

tilting fourtrak

My fourtrak was tilting aswell,spent ages looking at the back springs but could not find what was wrong.Eventually found the front torsion bar had ripped apart.There is a lot of weight on the front end and the back springs could not cope.Its worth having a look.

thanks for your input as well

thanks for your input as well mike i dont know whats wrong with it it seems to be straight when your driving but always tilted when parked its down on the drivers side

tilting fourtrak

If its only looking bad when its parked on your drive,dont worry.We do block paving and concrete drives so we could lift up the drive on the other side to make it look level and your drive will look smart when your not parked on it !!! No more sensible ideas left.