Steering Idler


Well, my girl passed her MOT with no problems. Just had a new gearbox and clutch put in and all seems fine so far.

Only thing is an 'advisory notice' on my MOT - (idler) steering pivot point has slight play.

Can somone please tell me what a steering idler is and will this be easy to fix myself or should it go into the garage again?



hi gillie it's a easy fix and you can get the idler from milners did mine last year. if you look down the right hand side of youre radiator you should see it from thair i think.

Ball joint splitter !

You need one hell of a mean ball joint splitter to get it to part company from the steering rod, though.

These things are a bit of a pain .... they're forever going duff. Both my 'traks needed one at about 70000 miles, and the swb is getting ready for another at 110000 miles. What is really annoying is that the tracking of the left hand front wheel becomes a bit vague and this leads to tyre wear, especially on the left. Now, tyres are quite expensive, and I rather like to get 50000 miles out of a set, so this sort of fault rounding off the edges of front tyres ticks me off.

I wonder if we could dream up a mod to improve the design Unknw