Alloy wheels for Cuore


Hello I'm after alloy wheels for my Daihatsu Cuore (L501PS-FMDK) 850cc 1997 car. Does anyone know what size rims I need? would they need to be 12" Unknw
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I have a set of 13" alloys fo

I have a set of 13" alloys for Cuore / Hijet. Never been on a vehicle however think they have been stored in a damp area for years as the laquer is peeling and bubbling and theres no tyres on them, so they would need cleaning up and tyring.

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site I found for alloys

I found a site for alloys for my Cuore heres the 13" ones:
Only Compomotive do the 13"s:'ML%20Competition'&id_wheels_manufacturers='Compomotive'&id_wheels_sizes='13x5.5'&price='98'&permission=1045038467Compomotive link

If a 14" could fit you get so much more choice, these ones would do nicely:'MVK%202'&id_wheels_manufacturers='MVK'&id_wheels_sizes='14x6'&price='73'&permission=1045038467

Does anyone know if 14" would fit on a Cuore?

New 12" Alloys

I've got a set of 4 genuine Daihatsu 12" Alloys (new/boxed) for a Cuore.
I bought them in error! (I have a 2002 model, which takes 13" wheels)
If you want more details or photos please let me know.