Rear leaf springs


Hi All
Well what can I say !
noticed 2 of the secondary springs on the nearside rear were broken !
purchased a pair from Milner Off Road Spares Smile
I was a little perturbed to find that the ones supplied were a little different - ie 4+1 leaves as opposed to 3+1 also there was no mount for the handbrake to secure to ???
I have a SWB and thought they may be for the LWB as the extra leaf would give more load capacity !
the change over took 4 hours from start to finish Smile
well all but the two front nuts cracked no problem Smile
the front two were angle-ground off and the bolt punched out Smile
at the end of it i now have 3" extra clearence at the rear and a very solid ride Smile
at least I know they will last on the rough stuff Smile
just need the front ones done know to even it up Smile