Our poor Hijet ......(7 seater, P reg)


Our poor blue 'bug' is close to its last days.
We brought our Hijet 2yrs ago and were so pleased with our find, 7 seats, small engine perfect for our family needs.
On our first big family outing the head gasket went Cray 2 left us stranded 100miles from home with 4 not so happy kids. Thanks to a brilliant AA man our beloved Hijet was fixed for a tidy sum of £300.
So as time has gone on and our trust slowly building, little bit have broken we are now down to only the passenger side front window working plus sunroofs, only 1 of the side doors opens and at this moment in time the poor Hijet is stranded 4miles from home with a hole in its petrol tank :'(.
This beloved car has served us well but alas will not make it through the next MOT so we will have to put it out to pasture. If there is any one that would like to give it a new home your welcome.