overheating fourtrack


hi all can sombody tell me how to remove the vicous van from my fourtrack. apart from a knackerd rad my fan does not lock up atall in fact after trying the broom handle trick it has so little lock up i could stop it with my hand does the rad need to be removed?.thanks all.garen

The four 10mm bolts that hold

The four 10mm bolts that hold the fan (and the pully behind it) to the water pump are tucked in behind the big alloy fin covered part of the fan. Then have a look at the bottom of the first responce of mine on this page: http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/node/788

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viscous fan

thanks for the advice its off and back on with no probs atall i now have a fully fixed fan new rad on the way from milners and my track is ready for sum real punisment.im amazed at the indurance of these trucks my rad is shot and the temp now goes up half way and stops there even under load and on the motorway i cant wait to see how it is with the new rad. again many thanks for the quick response.garen