Rocky keeps cutting out "HELP"


I have just bought a 94 Independant and found that the fuel pipes were corroded. A garage replaced them and the filter I picked the car up last night and drove homeu. It was fine. This morning it started fine I drove a few miles at 30mph ish then on a dec ent bit of road opened it up to 50 and the engine slowed then died. I was able to start it again and able to drive 200 yards before cuttiing out again. I eventually got it back to the garage after it stopped and started several times. The garage has just rang and said they think it is the primer pump that is faulty. I find that rather strange ! Advice please !

More like they didnt bleed th

More like they didnt bleed the fuel lines correctly. Was it driving OK before the filter and fuel line change? In that case, there is still air in the lines. It will accumulate overnight, hence the problems first thing.
Try this, get it running, and undo slightly the injector line to number one injector. You will get fuel and air bubbling out the join. When the air stops bubbling, tighten the connection again. You may have to do this a couple of times over a couple of days. This should correct the problem. If it persists, then I would say there is a leak somewhere, allowing air to enter.
The primer pump is only used when manually priming the fuel system. Under normal operating conditions, it serves no purpose.


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Prior to problem ofr cutting out

Thanks Dave, in answer to your question there was some loss of power when diving to the garage but I put that down to the fuel leaking from the pipes. What I find strange is that it ran well this morning for about five miles before acting up why would that be?
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Hi Bundyrumandcoke is on the right lines Your Fourtrak would run excellent till it "air locked" resulting in the symptoms you described (IE cutting out then stopping) this is due to mostly air not diesel in the fuel pipe.The primer pump function is to lift diesel up to the injector pump through a filter.This filter on a Daihatsu is a canister type "make sure its tight & is sealing correctly" otherwise it will draw air into the system adding to your problems plus it will leak.Check all the new diesel tank pipes that the garage changed for leaks.Purge all air from the system as per Bundeyrumandcokes method carefully undo number 1 injector pipe till all the air disappears keep doing this for a number of days if the problem persists take it back to the garage we always honour our work as they should hope the advise helps regards Paul aka STANTHEROCKYMAN