Turbo Light`



I have seen a picture of the dash from a 1988 Fourtrak TDX, and noticed that on the rev guage there is a small light that lights up when the turbo runs.

Do you think it would be possible to wire up an LED to the turbo power supply (if it has any...I dont know much about turbos), and wire in a relay so that when the turbo receives power, it throws the relay and turns on the LED bulb?

If a turbo has a power supply, it shouldnt be hard at all.

I suppose they need power to work as I cant see any other way (apart from like a supercharger)

if this isnt how the light works can some one tell me how it does?



Turbo Light

Hi. The turbo light works off an air pressure switch, when the turbo is on boost it makes contact and light comes on when its off boost the light goes out. If you could get hold of an original pressure switch and fittings you could drill and tap the inlet manifold to fit it. I would ask myself? Would it worth all the time and effort just for a light?
Hope this helps Kev