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Is it possible to supercharge a diesel engine?

I know a turbo works from the exhaust gases, and a supercharger work from the crank....

Does anyone think a supercharger fitted to a 2.8TD Fourtrak would work, and if so, how much power could you be looking at?




Are you sane !!!!!!!!!. These little buggers have a job to slow down as it is, and thats after having a brake system rebuild. Before you increase the power think about how you will slow it, your braking system will have to be seriously upgraded, and you will have to get a very light right foot,cause the transmission will probably freak out. Let alone you insurance company. But I guess you know all this anyway.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


No I am not sane.......i am modding a 1993 Suzuki GN250 to see what speed, power and acceleration I can get out of it!

I doubt I can afford to supercharge one....its just if I ever did have a chance, I probably would.....but I would leave the turbo on.....

Do you reckon top speed, acceleration and power would increase a lot?

I think it would need major brake mods but I wondered if it is possible?!

Super chargers use power to m

Super chargers use power to make power.
Turbo's lag.

Not that much point supercharging a turbo diesel.
Supercharging is great for torque @ low-mid revs as there is pretty much instant boost.
Turbo's have lag , but are great for medium and high range power.

Putting a supercharger on the vehicle may give you a nice little boost at low revs, which you probably wouldnt notice much, and also it would be complicated to have the supercharger dis-engage when the turbo spools, otherwise you would loose power due to the supercharger being " parasitic".
Power is what boost pressure you run. A super charger and a turbo charger both create boost pressure.
If you run your engine at 10psi, adding a supercharger isnt going to get you any gains. Only increasing the boost pressure will.
Bend the actuator arm on the turbo. Buy a bleed valve, buy a boost controller. However you do it, increasing the boost pressure is the only way you will get more power.
Sadly more boost = more heat. And also more wear on the engine.
So consider upgrading the intercooler. Youll have to also turn up the fuel mix too Smile
There are a few engines out there that use both, such as the old nissan micra .
Kind Regards from Japan,

Kind Regards from Japan,

You want to make it go faster

You want to make it go faster? Easy. Put a Rover V8 in it. Prefurably an SD1 engine (if you can find one that still goes). Of if you really want to kill yourself, a Small block Chevy.
As for making a Diesel go faster. You can't. There governed to a certain number of rev.'s. And for good reason. They tend to blow them selves to bits if you over rev them. However, if you put a 6.2 V8 GMC Diesel in it (and up grad the breakes, not to mention the suspension) you could get more speed, as the more powerfull engine can pull far higher gearing. Giving you the higher wheel speed, with the same rev.'s.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.