fourtrac manual locking hubs


hi all does any one know if the manual locking hubs off a leaf spring fourtrack will fit on my f73 independant, any ifo thanks ian

got milners allready

ive got milners ones all ready but they are giving up i see a leaf spring fourtrac in the scrappys with manual hubs ,so if they are 6 stud will they fit

Leaf sprungs are 5 stud. Did

Leaf sprungs are 5 stud. Didn't realise the indipendents were 6? However Suzuki FWH are 6 stud, as are Mitsubishi. Maybee one of those will have the right splines?

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Except for the number of studs, they look the same.

I bought a pair of 5 stud FWHs from Milners before the 6 stud ones were available.

The plan was to ally weld up the 5 holes, and to re-drill 6 holes on a mate's vertical mill. So far as I remember, everything else was the same.

As it happened, the dreaded inertia set in (couldn't be ars*d), and I traded them in for a 6 stud set a few months later.