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Hi all

After three years of pain with my Defender 110,
it always let me down when snowed.

Have now got myself a fourtrak 2.8 TDX independant 1998, with 40K miles and full service history.

My only concern is the timing belt, it's not mentioned in any of the old invoice's. So I should realy get it changed, what is the average lifespan/mileage for the belt??

Looking forward to some reliable motoring.



timing belt

Hi Ian,

I have a 1999 TDX independent 2.8 and my service manual quotes 60,000 miles. Hope this helps, welcome to the site.



Your other concern should be the coolant asweel!! I have a 1998 R TDX Fourtrak with only 60k and ive just had to shell out for a new cylinder head as mine had five cracks around the pre-swirl chambers!!! £1500 bob later!!! All down to the previous owner not having changed the coolant ever!! I change my timing belt after 4 years regardless of miles!! Otherwise the truck has been very reliable!