Broken Gearbox?


Dear All,

On a recent drive, my gearbox broke and i was fortunate to still have the 4th gear to get me home. I don't understand how this can be and not sure what is broken. Just before i lost my gears, there was high pitch/winding noise. Last year i rebuilt my engine and put new clutch in, but there was always a noise form the gearbox (not in 4th), which i assumed was my thrust bearing because everytime i de-clutched it went away.

Can anyone tell me what broke and whether i can fix it or why it broke. Any info would be a benefit

Kind Regards


My gearbox got stuck in 5th,

My gearbox got stuck in 5th, there was a small pin somewhere in the top cover that had broken.... I didnt fix it myself but a new top cover plate assembly was fitted and all has been fine since....

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Cheers, i'll have a look at that when i take it off