Lights on warning buzzer on sportrak?? Are they fitted with one?


Do all sportys have one of these. Mines a 96P plate elxi and it doesnt make any noise which as a consequence has left me with a flat battery a couple of times.

The handbook says they have one but where is it to be found (exactly) and can it be replaced

light warning

i had the same problem, but it was only the door switch, it had stuck in, does the interior light come on when you open the drivers side door, if not its the door switch, make sure the interior light switch is set to come on when you open 1 of the 3 doors.

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flat battery

I have a sporty and mine does NOT have a buzzer but you can buy one from your local motor spares shop for £10 to £15 which is a small price to pay for not having to be jump-started by a landrover outside work in front of all your workmates ................................ While on that subject ... why does everyone I work with carry a camera with them and insist on taking pictures of my stranded car eventually being towed by a landrover ????

be happy dont worry

be happy dont worry