Steering Arms


Hi Guys,

I've just joined this forum, having been unaware of its presence. My question relates to a '99 Cuore. It has just failed its MOT on "Nearside steering armhas relative movement at its fixings" Speaking by 'phone with a mechanic from the garage which failed the car, he indicated that it will be the inner ball joint on the steering arm to rack that is loose.
Is this an adjustable joint or a rack replacement job Unknw

Paul Anderson.

Steering Arms

I have sorted the problem now. The inner ends of the steering arms are not adjustable, being a sort of ball and socket joint. The problem turned out to be the rack end bearing. This is a plastic bush bearing which locates the N/S end of the rack in the rack tube. O/S is located by the slipper which adjusts the rack to pinion pressure. Due to water ingress in the past there was some corrosion which wore the bearing.

My local-ish dealer ( None in Stirling ) was trying to sell me a complete rack so the guys at work have made me a replacement. Easy to fit but it requires you to drop the front sub frame to access the upper rack bolts. Now passed the MOT.

Paul Anderson