Does anybody know if there are any more comfortable alternative seats to the standard front, especially passenger, seats fitted as standard to the F85 foutrak? There is an amount of 'flexing' in the seat back which causes Elaine a degree of back pain and I would like to fit a more comfortable seat. Do any of the seats from the later models fit and are they more comfortable, ie with side support and less movement in the seat?

Don't know about late 4track

Don't know about late 4track seats, but macking a seat you like fit should not be too much of a chore. The frame the seat sits on is only bolted to the seat (and the floor). So it's just a matter of welding some brackets to the seat of your choice to marry up to the seat base/frame. This can be a real pain in most 'normal' cars, but with the frame comming right of the car (so you can work all round it on the floor) there should be little effort involved.

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