I was once the proud owner of a brand new Gtti in white back 1989. Reg No F124 TSX...... great we car never put a foot wrong in the three years we had it, and it sounded almost as good as my UR quattro.

Is there any one on here that knows if it's still on the road or has it gone to that great scrapyard in the sky Unknw
Fishers of Edinburgh were the suplying dealer.

GTti where are you know

I always wondered what happened to my first White GTti G936YVC??
Last i saw of it, was in a salvage yard in Bury Lancashire.
Due to the fact some smack head helped himself in the early hours. Being totaly unworthy of ever owning such a great car, it fought back on a bend and ended up crashed through the front window of a house!!! He escaped the scene, but with blood splats on the screen and various areas, it supported my hope that the bastard hurt himself, SHAME!!!The event even made local newspaper front page!
I can confirm that Red GTti H929KPY is no longer around, well whole that is, i dismantled it.
My Black GTti H738BMB is still alive and kicking, 12 years on.
Allan, are you thinking of having a grave yard section on the owners site??
Maybe one on here also Lurch???
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Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
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