Sportrak - - Squeaks!!


Daihatsu Sportrak on a 'J' plate.
My Sporty has devleoped a annoying squeak from the suspension that sounds as though something has seized or is dry.
Think its from the front have greesed everything I can see but still cant get rid of it - - any ideas!!

If its coming from the front,

If its coming from the front, its probably the anti roll bar. Has a nasty sqeak / creak type noise.

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Have a look at all the suspension bushes and see if they're worn or dry. TRy spraying with CRC or WD 40.

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A typical place for squeaks is the rear shackle bushes becoming worn.
The front end has grease points for the suspension and steering components, knuckles etc and requires periodic greasing.
New rear bushes (polyurethane ones outlast rubber) would most likely sort it.