ball joints - dust covers


i have a burst dust cover on my front suspension ball joint. however the dust covers only come with the whole assembly and si £105.00. so is there another vehicle that has a dust cover that fits .

please help mot is soon.

regards goonieplato

ball jiont covers

hi regaurding dust covers i have ordered a pair from daihatsu dealers £6.00 each

dust covers

hi hedge hopper, what is the address of the diahatsu company you ordered the dust cover from, would be eternally grateful

regards mark plato

dust covers

hi goonieplato the daihatsu dailers are morley in leeds its called cross keys on britania rd morley butt thay orderd them from the main dealers the part no is 43324-87601-000 & 43324-87601 hope this helps but i would have though any dealers could order these for you cheers