Heater Matrix 1991 Sportrak ELI


Hi. The Matrix on our 91 Sportrak has gone again and im currently trying to source a 2nd hand one as the dealer wants near on £400. Ive found one but its from a 1993 Sporty.

Question is are there any differences between the Matrix from a 91 and a 93?


Run a search for heater matri

Run a search for heater matrix and something will crop up - I know that several people have got a recon one from somewhere down near Redditch for well under a hundred quid.

I've not heard of differences between models for this thing except for the aircon models which were not shipped here anyway - I'd just fit it and have done with it.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Matrix Again !

Dont waste money on a second hand matrix. Buy a new matrix from Motor-rads of Reditch. Reconditioning your matrix is possible but its not cost effective. Motor-rads of Redditch make replacement matrix/radiators : they dont sell reconditioned matrix/radiators. They do mail order. Phone them for details. You will find the details if you 'search' this site for 'matrix'. I previously included all details, telephone number, price, on earlier posts ... so please search for the details.