timing belt change - Fourtrak TDX 2.8 turbo


Just had my second Fourtrak for a couple of months (its on a "S" plate) and after getting a service manual on CD its next service includes a triming belt change. Looking at the "book" the majority of the work to change the timing belt is straight forward, but there is a section where the pulleys are removed, as is what appears to be the cam shaft... is this really necessary?? Can the timing belt be changed by simply removing the old one and replacing it with a new one?? Any help on this would be appreciated!

Timing belt change

Hi there
You do not have to take any pulleys of from behind the belt cover
it is quite strait forward just keep your eye on the timing marks
when you tension the belt
it took me an hour to do mine so best of luck

timing belt change

Thanks. I'll go with plan "A" which is as you suggest! That and a blob or two of tippex to match the new belt up with..