My 93Sportrak ELXi over heats.50-60mph and the lower of the three marks is reached very quickly,but reduces when the heater is operated.Have treated the system with "Radflush"and what came out was very clean .Rad is very hot at the top and cool at the bottom,hose from thermostatis cool.Fan is as easy to turn when engine is hot as it is when cold.I have bought a new stat,should I fit it or start looking somewhere else first?


Water pump working?
Next cross your fingers and try a new thermostat.
The get worried about a faulty head gaskets.

Hi Leslie, sounds like th

Hi Leslie,

sounds like the Thermostat is not opening, so change that 1st, its cheap and may sort it.

While your under the bonet check the water pump is OK and not leaking, check drain hole underneath, if it is, it needs changing.

Also check the fan belt is properly tentioned, or the water pump will not be working properly.

If the fan is not turning or is only turning slowly, when the engine is hot, then that will need sorting.

Hope that is of some help.




Many thanks,thermostat changed then water pump checked for leaks and fan belt for tention both ok.On first run out temp steady in centre of gauge,should be ok for a trip to the Lake District this weekend .