Clutch cable shredded ?


Fourtrak 2.8TD 1989
Cheked out the clutch cable this weekend and its pretty worn "shredded in fact" ! Would this be due to normal wear and tear or is there something that could be causing it to wear out prematurely in this manner! Obviously i will need to fit a new clutch cable and was wondering after looking at the manual is it necessary to strip the car dash down clutch pedal, brake pedal etc. or is there an easier way to go about this? Cray 2

Nope, Yours should be the sam

Nope, Yours should be the same as my F75. Under the bonnet, against the firewall (Bulkhead) you will see a "C" clip on the outer cable. Remove this clip, then push the outer cable toward the rear. Inside the car, feel up along the clutch pedal assembly. At the very top, the cable attaches over a hook there. Slip the eye on the cable up and off the hook. You should then be able to pull the whole cable forward into the engine bay. Get under your car, pull back on the throwout bearing lever. Pull a bit of the inner cable through. Unhook the cable end from the clutch lever. There is a small plate with a groove in it inside the end bit of the cable. Remove this plate, and the cable should then be able to be pulled forward through the hole in the gearbox bell housing. The cable should be then entirely free. Time taken, about 5 to 10 min. Installation of new cable is reverse order. The whole thing should take about 30 mins. No need to pull dash apart.

Hope this helps, apologies for the Aussie terminology.

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Might be worth baring in mid

Might be worth baring in mid that all Fourtrack/Sporttrack/F50 (&F20 I belive) cluthch cables have the same ends on them. Although they are diffremt lengths, you could make them fit. I mention this becouse when my Sporti desided to go clutchless due to a snaped cable, I found that an F50 cable was about £20 less than a Sporti one from the main deler. Did the job just fine.

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