charade g102 '93 - rpm counter



Most people that have owned a charade g102 ( produced between 89 and 93 ) know that they have problems with the rpm counter.

Have anybody inhere just the slightest thought about what would be wrong?

Between 0 to around 5k rpm the counter is DEAD. No movement what so ever.

When pushing the car further, the rpm counter starts moving from the bottom, starting at 9k and slowly working up to 7k, while the car's actual rpm hits around 6-6.5k.

Anybody have any good ideas?

Thanks guys Smile

Tonni Lerche.


on the back.. hm.. are we talking about the green print ( that then would need replacement ) or are we talking about regular bad solders on the component side? ( which i just could resolder? )

cant really remember what it looks like inside.. gotta get by a friend.. think i got a extra one laying around..

G102 '93 Limited Edition w. Applause 1.6 engine and gearbox.